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The leadership in Presbyterian Churches consists of pastors, elders and deacons. Each elder and deacon is nominated by a group of church leaders, elected by the congregation, examined by the Session and ordained for their invaluable role in a special ceremony before the congregation.

The Session

The Elders of Hollywood Presbyterian Church each serve three-year active terms, although they remain ordained elders for life. In addition to serving together on Session as our "Board of Directors," each is given a specific role, either serving as a liaison to a particular Ministry Team, or in specific tasks such as Clerk of Session.
 Class of 2018

“BradleyBradley Campbell

Linda GarbersonLinda Garberson

Dave Hanson
Dave Hanson

Nancy LuskNancy Lusk

Jeff PirtleJeff Pirtle


Class of 2019

“MariaMaria Fee

Mac HealdMac Heald

Eleanor Herbst
Eleanor Herbst

Jonathan KimJonathan Kim

Nancy NorrisNancy Norris

“JohnJohn Safoyan

Kimi WalkerKimi Walker

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