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Straight Talk from Our Treasurer

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Feb 14 in Uncategorized
by Karen Bayz

As follow up to our annual meeting, I ‘d like to write about pledges and how important they are to the church operating budget.  Please read on if you care about our church’s long term mission and commitment to serving Christ in Hollywood.

A pledge is a commitment to provide monthly, or at some other regular interval, contributions which help meet the church’s operating needs.  Pledges, as commitments, allow the church to develop an annual budget with expenses for programs, ministry salaries, mission giving, etc.
Pledges over the years have proved to be a “stable” source of income, thereby reliable to build a budget upon.  The problem is FPCH’s pledge income has been declining for several years now, as is the number of giving units.  In contrast, FPCH’s presence (it’s mission) locally “feels” like it’s growing again in the past three years.  How then do we reconcile the two?  How does your Session, and other leadership teams, provide for FPCH’s mission given the declining trend in pledge income?  A big question no doubt.

Further, how does FPCH reconcile between the decline in pledge unit giving as it relates to the operating budget in contrast with the generous unit giving to our recently completed Tower campaign?  Giving units (defined as the number of households) in the Tower campaign were roughly 400 units, yet giving units in our recently completed pledge campaign is less than 270 units (or roughly 68%). I’m so thankful for the success of the special Tower project, but without a supported operating budget there is no long term mission.  

As your Treasurer it’s my duty to point these things out and leave them for you to ponder.  For 2014, if you are not already aware, the church’s operating budget is forecasted as a $250,000 deficit as a result of insufficient pledge units and dollars.  This is not sustainable over time.  And make no mistake, there is no way for FPCH to remain the same with this level of giving unit and dollars.  FPCH either grows or it contracts, largely measured fortunately or unfortunately by it’s operating budget as one objective measurement.  If you haven’t pledged, please give some prayer to making a pledge for 2014.  It’s not too late!  Young, old, and in the middle: FPCH needs your pledge.  You will be hearing more about giving in further communication and bulletin inserts.

Thank you all for your gifts heretofore.  May God bless us in 2014 as we strive to be good stewards.

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