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Say It Again

By Dan Baumgartner on
Dan Baumgartner
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Mar 16 in Musings
Sometimes when God speaks, I recognize his voice because the message gets repeated. And repeated. And repeated. It’s part of God’s pattern with me, no doubt because of my inability (or unwillingness) to hear things the first time. In the last couple of weeks the message coming through seems to be: trust.
The topic has persistently surfaced in different settings. When Anne and I had a few days off, I heard it during a quiet time of prayer: Do you trust Me?  In two different conversations this week with younger people about decision-making, we ended up talking  If God has been faithful to guiding you previously- can he be trusted this time?  In order to honestly grapple with the trust question for the present, we need to review the events of the past. That’s what God’s people have always done. Israel forever pointed back to God leading them out of slavery in Egypt “with a mighty hand,” God parting the waters of the sea, God saving them from Pharaoh’s wrath, God leading them to the Promised Land. Recalling the ways God had watched over them in previous difficulties built their faith that he would be there in the next crisis. God proved to be trustworthy.

I can easily think of a dozen times in my life when the Lord guided me specifically and clearly. Not always instantaneously, not always in the way I expected, not always in my timing...but looking back I clearly see his hand. Again. And again. And again.  Heading toward marriage. Going back to school. Moves across the country. Crises during parenting. Navigating loss.

Hearing God’s voice is not a simple task. He speaks in many ways, and recognition comes out of a long-term relationship steeped in prayer and scripture. Sometimes I wish I was better at hearing the first time. But mostly I’m just grateful for God’s persistence. “Speak Lord, your servant is listening,” the boy Samuel prayed in the Old Testament. And sometimes, Lord...speak again and again and again.
See you soon,
            Pastor Dan

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