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Lake Isabella Trip 2019

By Diane Leggewie on
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2019 lake isabella
Lake Isabella by Christina Yew

I do not like camping. As a mom, it’s an awful lot of work to drive for hours to sit in the dirt. I hate bugs. I secretly (shhh…) don’t enjoy talking to strangers. I like my bed.  However, I am actually looking forward to our eighth year camping at Lake Isabella over Memorial Day weekend.  
Why? Why do I keep going back? Why am I actually anticipating it with more joy than dread? 
We always reserve the same large campsite for our group. We have our own restrooms (with running water). There’s a big gazebo with about twelve picnic tables where we set up campy kitchens and sit in the shade. We leave stuff out without worrying about it. The space is set apart enough so that we didn’t have to watch the kids every minute of the weekend. Even when they were fairly young, they could go off and climb rocks or trees and we didn’t have to worry about them disturbing neighbors or running into strangers or cars running into them.
There is dirt, but there are also pine trees, big boulders, sunsets over the lake and stars. Since we started going in May, the weather has been great; warm but not super-hot. Some families bring tent trailers, most set up tents. My kids, now 12 and 14, set up their own tents, and my husband and I sleep in the van. 
The lake is beautiful. We’re not camped right on the shore, but we see it, and it’s a short hike or drive from the campsite. We swim, fish, rent a boat, or just sit there and stare at the water. It’s beautiful. 
The real reason I enjoy Lake Isabella is community. We live life together for a few days, taking time to talk, to listen, to relax. We cook (or pass out cold cereal) together. We all watch out for the kids. It’s a chance to catch up with long-time friends and welcome new ones. No one stays a stranger.
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