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Combining Services - Nancy Norris & Mac Heald

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Combining Sanctuary Services in the Fall
Nancy Norris and Mac Heald Crunch the Plan
Nancy:  Mac, what’s wrong?
Mac:  The sky is falling, Nancy.  We’re doomed.
N:  What in the world are you talking about?
M:  The church’s Worship Ministry Team is pulling the purple rug out from under us.
N:  No, the carpet in the sanctuary is a matter for the Facilities Team, and they’re doing a great job of considering all the options.  Just be patient!
M:  Not talking about carpet now, Nancy.  Talking about the decision to move to a combined sanctuary service in the fall.  Good grief, it’s a total shakeup.  Kimo will be playing guitar and, yikes!, Joel will be playing the organ.
N:  You’re right, that’s a terrible idea.  Steve and I would oppose that strongly.
M:  And the word in the parking lot is that Pastor Dan will be wearing the robe he received at his ordination.  That was back in the 50s, I think.
N:  That would be a real shakeup, but you got it all wrong.  Besides, Mac, you and I are on the worship ministry team, or “Team Worship,” as you call it.  And you and I and Ambar and Tim and Lindsay and Brooke — we were all part of the looooong discernment process that resulted in our presenting it to the church leadership.  And the elders on Session overwhelmingly supported our moving ahead with this.
M:  Yeah, seems like it was on our prayer list at every meeting for months.  And whatever happened to the idea of having baristas working in the church narthex?
N:  Enough!  You know as well as I the decision on the combined service was truly guided by God’s Spirit.  It followed understandings we agreed on, like how our congregation has changed, how the two separate services have served the congregation well, but continued to cause the church community to split up on Sunday mornings.
M:  True, and it’s great how we’ve been able to come together in a single sanctuary service at various times during the year, summers for example, some holidays, meetings and celebration days.  It’s worked out well.  But how’s this new combined service going to look?  I mean, what’s going to happen to our choir?
N:  Nothing!  Those dedicated voices will be singing as beautifully as ever.  There’ll be hymns and organ and all the elements we’ve come to expect in our traditional services.  The praise band will serve, too, and introduce us to many of the worship forms shaping what’s fresh and exciting in church services today.
M:  All good, Nance.  But doesn’t this upset the schedule for kids and adults in Sunday school and Christian education on our campus?
N:  Some things will change for sure.  But, as you know, we’ve prayed about this very thing and have met with church staff, and we've heard from fellow Session members that addressing this will be extremely important.
M:  And that’s been done, hasn’t it?  We’ve heard from people throughout our church community, and we’re continuing to receive input.  But basically, the 8:30 contemplative worship service in Wyle Chapel remains in place with Communion every week.  That’ll be followed by a church-wide learning hour at 9:30, followed by our combined worship in the sanctuary at 11.  Sounds simply awful.
N:  Huh?
M:  You know, if we still have to wait for the new carpet.
Editors note:  Nancy and Mac are on the Session of the church and part of the worship ministry team.  As longtime FPCH members, they are well versed in local churchspeak and familiar with so many of the joys and concerns that God has used to call us to Himself and have built us into the diverse, vibrant and resilient community we know and love today.  Their give-and-take dialogue above (Nancy playing the straight man, Mac the buffoon) fails to reflect how actually excited they are about the upcoming change in the worship schedule.  They told me so. ed.

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