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Who We Are
Who are the people of the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood?  What are they like? Why are they at this particular church?  We can promise you one thing; we are not like any church you have ever visited. People have been telling us this for years!  Come and see.
It's likely that when you visit with us, you will find out we are just like you.  We are a mirror of the vast diversity that makes up our amazing city.  We are young and not so young, families, babies and kids, singles, and single parents.  We are widowed, affluent and not-so affluent, outgoing and shy, college educated and students of the school of life.  Some of us are artists, some professionals, students, teachers, retirees, actors, some of us work with the homeless, some work in office buildings, others work from home.  Some wear a suit and tie to work, others wear shorts and flip flops.  Some of us are looking for work.  And so, it's also likely we understand where you come from, wherever that might be.
We are about as diverse as you can imagine, and yet, one thing transcends over us all, and unites us together.  We have been transformed, given hope, and are in love with the person of Jesus Christ.  He is the cornerstone of all we do together on our corner in Hollywood.
Since 1903, we have been on the corner of Gower and Carlos in Hollywood.  Many years ago, the sanctuary's cornerstone was engraved with the words, "Jesus Christ Himself Being the Chief Cornerstone." Jesus is the foundation upon which this church is built.  We are striving daily to follow after Him.  But, we are like you.  The path is not easy, and often the journey is hard.  We stumble a lot.  But we have found, across the generations, races, and ages that God gives us deep peace and joy, and we long to share that with you.

Our Stories

Please click on the boxes below to watch testimonials from some of our members.
 Testimonial Video 1 :: Caesar  Testimonial Video 2 :: Nina
 Testimonial Video 3 :: Brenda  Testimonial Video 4 :: Philip

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